Blender screenshot

Screenshot of Blender's start-up screen.

Blender is a free 3D modelling and rendering program. It works on the majority of operating systems, most particularily Windows, Linux, and Macs. Blender is the dominant program for creating models for Glest, as it is free and open source, two of the principals the Glest community stands by, as well as it is the only modelling studio that can do everything Glest needs for its G3D modelling format that has an exporter. Blender may be downloaded on its Official Site.


Blender boasts many features, being a full modelling suite capable of animation, particles, modeling, and more. Glest does not support many things in the models, such as particles, and thus only features that have a use in Glest are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Ability to model a mesh
  • Multi-object models
  • Linking a texture to a model
  • Exporting and importing in a large variety of formats
  • Multi-window workspace
  • Animation via bones and/or key frames

Exporting to G3DEdit


Blender has literally hundreds of tutorials available on the web, most which are best accessed with a quick Google search. These are tutorials that are particularly useful for Glest:





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