Guard is a new command in GAE using existing skills. It causes the unit to follow another, attacking nearby enemies, but always returning to guard that unit.


	<type value="guard"/>
	<name value="guard"/>
	<image path="icon.bmp"/>
	<move-skill value="move_skill"/>
	<attack-skill value="attack_skill"/>
	<max-distance value="3"/>



The type of the command, in this case, guard.


The name of the command, as seen ingame. GAE can translate these with separate language files as well.


Path to the image which will be used as an icon to initiate the command.


A list of units that must exist before this command can be used. For example, you might have to construct a testing lab before you can start throwing grenades.


A list of upgrades that must exist before this command can be used. For example, you might have to perform a training field upgrade before you could use a more advanced skill.


The name of the move skill to use.


The name of the attack skill to use.


Max-distance is the maximum distance the guarding unit can be from its target. If too small, they can get in the target's way, while if too big, they can end up too far away from its target to see attackers.

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