Multiproduce is a method of letting multiple units be produced with one produce command (at one cost for all the units). Multiproduce is only available in GAE 0.4.x plus. If a production command is told to multiproduce, it can only produce that number, never less. So if multiproducing 3 swordman, they have to be done in groups of 3, and you can't produce just one unless a separate command is made for that.


	<type value="produce"/>
	<name value="hire_gunner_squad" tip="gunner_info"/>
	<image path="../gunner/images/canoneer.bmp" />
	<unit-requirements />
	<upgrade-requirements />
	<produce-skill value="produce_skill"/>
	<produced-unit name="gunner" number="3"/>

The only change here is the number value in the produced-unit element. Everything else is the same as a normal produce command.

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