2000 (1)

Resource Cost

200 gold, 200 metal, 2 food


25 (Tank)



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The Humvee is a fast, light-armor vehicle in Apocalyptic Dawn's UNATF faction. Its biggest strength is its speed, being the fastest land unit. It can also transport up to 2 extra infantry units, which makes it also useful as a method of moving slow or vulnerable units. While not excessively powerful with its mounted machine gun, it is a fantastic lure and its moderate defense coupled with high speed makes it an effective tank.


The Humvee can either be used as a regular unit or by using it to transport slow or vulnerable units. For example, it could be used to take the slow Flamethrower right up to the foe instantly, so it can jump right into combat, then get out of the way to rinse and repeat.


The Humvee is produced from the Factory without any requirements.

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