Resource Cost

100 gold, 20 metal, 1 food


15 (Infantry)



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The Infantry is the most basic combat unit in Apocalyptic Dawn's UNATF faction. It is the first combat unit that can be produced, but the weakest and cheapest too, having low stats and a slow, weak attack, but it is the building block for promoting to Marines as well as RPG Troopers and Machine Gun Turrets.


Early in the game, the Infantry can be used for rushing attacks, but later in the game, it will become necessary to upgrade the Infantry first, as they are too weak compared to other late game units to cause impact. The Marine is the next step up and capable of dealing more damage at a faster rate of fire while boasting better defensive capabilities too, as well the RPG Trooper is the general anti-tank / anti-air mobile unit in the UNATF faction.


The Infantry is produced from the Recruitment Station with no requirements.


The infantry can be promoted into the Marine, Machine Gun Turret (requires an Outpost), and RPG Trooper (requires Explosives).

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