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Some of the existing translations are not very well maintained and, so far, only a couple languages are supported, so keeping files up to date or adding new translations helps the MegaGlest community a great deal.

MegaGlest's translations are now managed on Transifex, a website allowing for easy translation of a software such as MegaGlest, all from within your web browser.

Who and when should be interested in an unofficial projectEdit

Before you start translate something in an unofficial project you should make sure that the Main project supports your language and that at least these files: "Main language file", "Megapack" are fully translated. This will ensure that you will be able to choose your language in game options and the MegaGlest will be in a large extent translated into your language.

Some basic informations about the projectEdit

Where can you find unofficial projectEdit

On Transifex platform. Direct link to the project:

Why this project is unofficialEdit

Project is unofficial because MegaGlest developers although they are not opposed to the project, however they aren't responsible for it and don't giving it an official support.

What we translate in the projectEdit

We translate these tech trees that are in the game or in the Megaglest mods' center, or are still in the developer stage but have a chance to will soon be placed there too.
Of course, we translate only the tech trees which doesn't support yet by a main Transifex's project. Additionaly project contain some tech trees which are compatible to MegaGlest, e.g. from game's fork like "Annex".

Why some tech trees are disabled from translationEdit

Selected tech trees supported by the main project are copied to the unofficial project to enlarge the translation memory, which has a positive effect on the acceleration of the translation process.
These trees are disabled from translation, because they are already translated in the main project and there you should look for opportunities to translate such a tech tree.

Where to look for support if some problems occurEdit

Principally on this page and then from project's managers through internal message on Transifex site.
Ultimately, but only with courtesy behavior, questions related to the basics of using Transifex can be asked too on the official game's IRC support channel.

How to provide translationsEdit

Which tree you should first translateEdit

You should first translate tech trees with: urgent (red) and high (yellow) priority.


Site is still under construction please be patient.


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