Resource Cost

50 gold, 20 metal, 1 food


25 (Infantry)



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The Marine is a medium level Apocalyptic Dawn unit in the UNATF faction. It is capable of dealing medium damage at a medium rate of fire, making it well balanced and one of the most commonly used units in the game. Being promoted from the Infantry, the resource cost is higher than initially appears, as you must first recruit an Infantry before you can get a Marine. This balances it out, but leaves it as the most common unit, as it still offsets the Infantry's low rate of fire and weak attacks.


The Marine are best used when swarming the foes in large numbers. Because they are weak alone, they should always be in groups, preferably with a mixture of units such as Grenadiers, RPG Troopers, and Medics to help offset their weaknesses against certain armor types.


The Marine is promoted from the Infantry, which is produced in the Recruitment Station.

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