Since version 3, Glest supports LAN/Internet multiplayer, up to 4 players. MegaGlest and Glest Advanced Engine support up to 8 players. MegaGlest also has a basic masterserver.

Things you should know Edit

  • All clients and the server must have the same data when playing multiplayer.
  • The connections have to be setup manually in Vanilla Glest.
  • For Vanilla Glest, the same binary and platform is needed.
  • For GAE and MG the version must be the same, playing cross-platform with f.e. windows and linux is possible.

Firewalls and Routers Edit

Glest uses TCP port 61357, so if you are behind a NAT-router and want to host a game, you will have to forward this port. If you are behind a firewall, you have to open/forward this port in any case.

If you want to host games and allow players to automatically download maps from you, you also have to open TCP ports 61358-61366. (MG only)

Starting a multiplayer game (MegaGlest)Edit

  1. One computer creates the game by clicking "Online Game" and "Create Game"
  2. All others can join with "Online Game" and clicking on the game

Starting a multiplayer game (Glest)Edit

  1. One computer is the server. The server creates a game at the "new game" menu and then opens some network slots.
  2. The other involved computers are clients. Clients have to go to "join game" then type the IP of the server and click "connect". This is only for the first time, after that, the game will remember the server name and you can select it from the previous server list.
  3. If all clients are connected the server can launch the game.

What's my IP address Edit

  • Use one of the free online services on the web to find your IP address, such as this one or this. This works on any operating system.
  • If you are using Linux, open a terminal and type "ifconfig". This will show you your network configuration and the Internet address. (Only if you don't use a router.)
  • If you are using Windows, open a cmd-(terminal) window and type "ipconfig". This will show you your network configuration and the Internet address. (Only if you don't use a router.)

IRC channel Edit

The Glest IRC channel at [1], is a good way of finding people to play multiplayer games or to discuss the game in general. If you don't have an IRC Client, to visit the IRC channel you can visit it directly here.

External Links Edit

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