Orbital Command


Resource Cost

Crystal: 800 Metal: 1200 Carbon: 1000


20 - Omega(Structure)



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The Orbital Command is the Crincillin main command center structure. It fills the important roles of IPV unit summoning and resource storage.


The Orbital Command is the first structure that any Crincillin commander is given at the start of each mission. It serves as the only structure that can warp in IPV's and the first structure available that can store resources. Also, the OC produces 25 Quantum Energy for the starting of a small base. When the "Redesigned Schematics" upgrade is researched from an Analysis Engine, the purchase price goes down by 33%, making them much easier to build (for steady expansion and acquisition of important resources).


The Crincillin scientists and generals realized that if any invasion was going to be successful, they would need a way to provide a direct link to the fleet orbiting the planet. The solution: a dedicated structure. All IPV units were programmed to automatically construct an Orbital Command upon their arrival on the surface via drop pod. Once created, it would often be tasked with warping in more IPV's for immediate resource exploitation and structure manufacture. Without these structures, the Empire would never have existed.

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